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At Grassroots Recycling, we not only collect and process waste plastic and cardboard for recycling but we buy and sell various materials too.  We offer keen prices to buy your waste plastic in bulk. 


As a recycler ourselves, we have an intimate knowledge of various polymers and specialise in products made from:

  • HDPE - High-density polyethylene

  • MDPE - Medium-density polyethylene

  • LDPE - Low-density polyethylene

  • LLDPE - Linear low-density polyethylene

  • PP - Polypropylene

  • PS - Polystyrene

  • ABS - Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

We do not deal with:

  • PVC pipe & guttering


We purchase materials at each stage of the recycling process, whether it's loose material, baled, shredded or pelletised please get in touch via the Contact page or email us on to see how we can help.

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